Friday, March 27, 2009

Reflections on Kindred/Spirits

It's a hot Friday afternoon and I'm heading up to Toodyay so that Erik and I can spend some time rehearsing for our upcoming Voicebox performance: Kindred/Spirits. Leaving the coastal plain and travelling up the Darling Scarp provides a metaphor for the work we will be doing together. Looking over the landscape of a lifetime's creative conversations, it's possible to see the riverlines, the distant coast - beauty and devastation, both made manifest. In Erik's words "Your bike was green and mine was blue, and in the mullock heaps of childhood we were let loose". Growing up in and around Fremantle, we lived in a house that rang with music and poetry, as well as everyday pain and ordinary poverty. We ran free in the local bush, together and alone. Over the years, we have engaged with those matters we hold most deeply in poems, in songs, in direct political action. Kindred/Spirits is a way to share our work in the heart of the community we call home.

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  1. I too, can feel what you are saying in traveling to toodyay and seeing th elandscape and the past reflected in one's mind at the same time, witnessing the changes since those halycon days of childhood when the freedom was there for us all to go traipsing through the beloved bush, particularly during the Spring. Wish I was there with you all